About me


He is a performer, director, and pedagogue from Colombia. His creations are a journey without borders between body-movement, visual arts, theater and circus, influenced by history, philosophy, society, culture and the environment where he lives and comes from.

In the beginning, his learning was practically all self-taught allowing him for the unorthodox synergy of many disciplines, knowledge and experiences and so, the prioritization of creativity beyond of the needs, concept and aesthetics regulations of the free market of art.

During 2000 and 2008, He was part of the artistic laboratory guided by the director and dramaturg Felipe García (COL), researching around the performativity language of circus.

Raúl, as a solo performer has created different range of performances and events, out-door and in-door, from pure improvisations to set pieces, bringing him to perform in different, garages, bars, streets, alternative spaces and festivals around the world such as: Zürcher Theater Spektakel (CH), THEALTER 23 (HU), 1st Palestinian Circus Festival, MasQue (Fi), Trakya Kukla Festivali (TK), Festival International de Circo de Bogotá, Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Vårscene Fest (NO), Oxomatil (MX), amongst others.

Raúl has collaborated with different companies, directors, and choreographers, like: David Zambrano, Inés Rojas, Muro de Espuma, Gandini Juggling, Davide Giovanzana, Kompanie Wal, amongst others.

Currently, he teaches movement research at the Master program in Arts of Theater of Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Switzerland and develops some of his projects next to the current global situation.

Raùl Holds a Master in Arts of Theater from Academy Teatro Dimitri.