Year 2022
Tromsø, NO
24th til 29th January
Directing Hidden Tracks from Cie. UlvogUgle. Norway. (Residence)
Oslo, NO
2th February
Premiere Hidden Tracks Cie. UlvogUgle at Rikscene.
Year 2021
Verscio, CH
25th Jan. till 5th February
Teaching Movement research at the MA-in theater at Accademia Teatro Dimitri
Berlin, DE
22nd til 29th March
Directing (Res)“Maybe a concert”. Musiktheater performance by Raissa Aviles. (Residence)
Bellinzona, CH
12th til 23rd April
Directing “Maybe a concert” by Raissa Aviles. (Residence)
Beil, CH
24th April
Performing at Carte Noire
Berlin, DE
3rd til 14th May
Directing and creating my new creation GROTTO 11-13. (Residence)
Verscio, CH
31st May til 4th June
Choreographing a Variette for the BA- program at Accademia Teatro Dimitri.
Verscio, CH
7th til 25th June
Creation Terzo Paradiso with Pavel Stourac at MA in Arts of Theater at Accademia Teatro Dimitri.
Verscio, CH28Th
June til 9th July
Choreography and premiere Variette Second Year BA-Accademia Teatro Dimitri.
Berlin, DE
9th til 27th August
Coaching “Body Memory Opera” upcoming performance by Selina Thuering. Premiere at Delphi Theater, Berlin.
Berlin, DE
5th til 16th September
Directing Hidden the Tracks by. UlvogUgle. (residence)
Bellinzona, CH
17Th til 24Th September
(Directing) Residence “ Maybe a Concert”.
Bellinzona, CH
25th September
Premiere “Maybe a Concert” by Raissa Aviles. Teatro Sociale di Bellinzona.
Verscio, CH
27th Sept til 8th October
Teaching movement research at MA in Arts of Theater at Accademia Teatro Dimitri
Oslo, NO
Dates to confirm
Directing Hidden tracks by Cie. UlvogUgle. (Residence Dramatikkens hus)
Bogotá, COL
Dates to confirm
Performing and teaching at the International Circus Festival of Bogotá.
Tromsø, NO
8th til 26th November
Directing and creating my new project: GROTTO 11-13.
Tromsø, NO
27th til 28th
November Premiere GROTTO 11-13
Year 2020
Berlin, DE
30th September
Perfoming at Scandinavian Cultural Center
Biel, CH
5th December
Performing at Carte Noire “Remake”.
14th til 18th dec
Residence week “UlvogUgle” at Dramatikkens Hus.